Sensory Incense Stick | Rose Bois

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Combining natural, aromatic resin with a refined blend of premium perfumes, MAHŌ Incense Sticks release a delicate, timeless fragrance when burned. 

Rose Bois 

Breathing fresh cut Roses, indulgent in rich Cocoa, this fragrance whispers notes of Sandalwood like a poem between two lovers.

Kit includes 30 incense sticks in a glass vessel and a Maho button burner

Top Notes

Middle Notes
Cocoa Beans

Base Notes

30 incense sticks per box.

Burn time of each incense is approx. 60 min

Encased in a glass tube for portable take anywhere burn. Enjoy this innovation on the classic incense and fill your space with fragrances that will activate the senses and invigorate the soul.

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