Our Story

Clover Design Store was founded by Mary and her two daughters, Rana and Emma. With a passion for interior design, architecture and travel, we have strived to create a space dedicated to strong design and interior harmony. We have long been advocates for investing in quality products that last not only our lifetime but will also be enjoyed by future generations.

The store is a reflection of our own homes and ethos. Emphasis is on unique pieces, which are individually selected by us. The pieces are an expression of our values around sustainability and craftsmanship. Our collections are uncomplicated and classic. We are drawn to high-quality textiles and materials that have a timeless elegance combined with designs that are both functional and beautiful.

The items we collect come from around the world. Pieces are unique, beautiful and ageless. They have character, history and soul.

We believe a home should be a place where we can feel at peace and be entirely ourselves. Homes are our sanctuary and our mission is to help create this for all.