Eau de Parfum | 500 Years

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These luxury fragrances infuse the skin with the love of beauty. This is a collection for the living, a collection that serves up an incredible diversity of materials and accords, combined without taboo or prejudice, but for the sole pleasure of feeling and loving.

500 Years: Five hundred years ago, merchants confronted the two established orders :the Red (priests) and the Black (soldiers). They created a third path, cleansed of dictates, for the proliferation of the arts – and perfume. Etat Libre d’Orange honours the sons and daughters of the Renaissance by offering a trail of insight and alliance for their skin.

Top notes: Bergamot HE, Cardamom Pure Jungle Essenc, Saffron
Heart notes: Turkish Rose Absolute, Oud HE, Geranium Bourbon HE
Base notes: Amber Woods, Patchouli, Suede

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